I’ve always wondered how it is that sometimes they are faster and more reliable than us. We’ve been collaborating with them for a long time. Working with Maxisalt it is a pleasure for us.

At the beginning I though they were expensive, but finally looking at the situation I am glad we signed a contract that covered our needs.

Our company is 20 years old and we always relied on the same salt supplier until he let us down with no product. Last year we found it one of our weaknesses, so we start working with maxiSALT and now with them we have different alternatives of delivery.

They perfectly know the market around the world so they can find the best solution for our needs.

We had a big problem of stocks breakdown and maxiSALT reacted incredibly quickly to solve it on time. They were giving us always alternatives to solve product and logistic shortages. We continue since then relying on them.